description of each areas present in the game


Cave of Oblivion:

Little cave where you start the game. It’s the place where you learn the gameplay.

oblivion cave


Door of the Other Sides:

Central hub where you can access the 2 first areas for now and where the 4 helpers stay. There is also the door where lies the master of the land.

changement mineur


Emerald Field:

Field full of ghost other monsters. This area is kept by the emerald spirits which are invincible ghost you won’t be able to defeat until you get the power of the area.

For an unknow reason, there is a part of the emerald field these spirits don’t live. But there are a lot of blue ladies there.

peine d'emmeraude


Melancholic cascade:

Real flood where the vegetation is queen. There are a lot of plants and water plants.

To pass the water, you have to use bushes and slippery waterlilies, but one wrong step and it’s death.

cascade melancholique