description of the characters and their role in the game



Mad-Alisson is a guy who helps you in your quest. He knows what you have to do to defeat the guardians and the master. If you’re lost, he can give you a clue of where you have to go.

He also gives you some report of what he saw in the land recently. These reports will help you to find easily all side quests (there something special that will await you if you finish the game at 100%).

carac madalisson



Iron-Eye is a scientist who can help you upgrading some stuff. For this, you have to find pearls in the world. these one are hidden or protected by a dungeon, traps or enemies.

He can tell you how many pearls are left in each area.

carac ironeye



Scared-Teen is a girl of knowledge who knows everything about the monsters, the land and the guardians. But she can help you only if you defeated the monster, visited the area or the dungeon or learned the name of the guardian.

carac scaredteen



Bloody-Wheel is the keeper of the corridor and the keeper of the arena.

The corridor is an area where you have to finish 10 battles in a row.

The arena is an area where you can create your own battles with the monsters and traps you have unlocked by defeating a guardian or finishing a side quest.

carac bloodywheel