on this page are a part of the monsters you’ll see in the game.

there are 5 types of monsters:

  • normal: they are numerous and reappear most of time when you leave the area.
  • *elite*: most of time, once they are dead, they don’t reappear. However, they still quite frequent.
  • */dominant\*: they are really rare and never reappear once they are beaten.
  • */*legend*\*: these monsters are unique. This type of monsters is reserved to the guardians and some side quest bosses.
  • }humanoid{: battle against them are unique but there are similarities between battles against a same race.


Blue ladies:

These creatures are the most invasive ones in the land. There are quite weak but they are really numerous. They are used to charge on their enemies and cast strange blue shoots.

  • Ophelia: this girl is one of the weaker bleu ladies of the land. Her shoots turn around her which procure her a shield for a little amount of time.

mob ophelia

  • *Mad-Alison*: this big blue lady is used to find little places and wait a victim coming to her. She’s resistant but quite predictable.

mob mad alison

  • Lindsey: similar to ophelias, her attacks are more offensive than her sister’s ones.

mob lindsey


Quite invasive, they look like the insects of the real world. They aren’t. They are all more offensive and resistant the them.

  • Spider: this bug use to charge on people who are to near to it and fear the other spiders.

mob spider

  • *Butterfly*: this vicious creature is always happy if it has something to fight with. It travels on its hole board.

mob butterfly


Crystals are animated stones who live in the land and attack the player with special attacks or defend itself with them.

  • Basiclith: basic crystal who uses four gravitational smaller crystals to attack.

mob basiclith

  • Emerald: green crystal who continually drops an awful spectral toxic gas.

mob Emerald


They are rare but when you beat them the first time, they break and a remain part of the golem still live.

  • Pawn: it’s the less rare golem. It attacks you if you attack it. Once you beat him, its head will travel on its own.

mob pawn


These awful creatures can become invincible for a little amount of time but you can beat them once they lose their spectral form.

  • Spectral coat: this black ghost has the habit to attack in his spectral form and calm down once he loses it.

mob spectralcoat

  • White lady: this white ghost has the habit to accelerate once it’s spectral form is gone.

mob whitelady


This creature is static but it is able to attack you by divers tactics.

  • Beating plants: they can only attack you if you’re near to it. But once it sees you, it attacks you.

mob beatingplant






Source of the ???, they are strong, solid and they explode when they die. Hopefully, they are slow.

  • Angrus: totem of fire, this totem shoot fire bools and make the ground trembling.

mob angrus


Source of the ???, they are fast and defensive. They don’t attack really hard, but they are hard to dodge.

  • Petriangle: it is really fast and flees you if you attack it.

mob petriangle





Emerald spirits:

ghost of the Emerald field, they are invincible and there is no way to kill them for now.

  • Emerald sword man: this spectral sword man moves fast and throw 4 swords in all directions.

mob emeraldsword

  • Emerald axe man: this spectral axe man moves a little slower and throw 2 axes in opposite directions.

mob emeraldaxe

Water plants:

These plants are set in the melancholic cascade and stay in the water most of time.

  • Waterina: this plant growing in water generates toxic bubbles that are easy to dodge on the ground, but on a bush …