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minor build 0.3.2 : march 23

Hi everyone.

Today I’m releasing a new update of the game Another Side.

It’s the first time I post something here so I’ll tell you what’s already in the game.

Part 1: Cave of Oblivion

I created the first area of the game: The Cave of Oblivion. This cave is the first place you visit when you start the game. Its goal is showing you how to play the game and giving you a first impression of what the game will be like.

oblivion cave

Part 2: Door of the Other Sides

In this area, you meet the 4 first NPC who will help you in the future. They aren’t functional yet, but you can learn how they will help you in the future by playing the game or by reading the ‘character’ page

changement mineur

Part 3: Emerald field and Melancholic Cascade overworlds

This is the big part I’m actually working on and for the part 3.1, I added an area for each world.

peine d'emmeraude

cascade melancholique

Today for the part 3.2, I’ve added 2 areas of the Emerald Field.

  • The first one by taking the West path in the entrance of the Emerald field is an area full of blue ladies. (information in the page ‘bestiary’)

peine d'emmeraude secteur B

  • The second one by taking the North path in the entrance of the Emerald field is an area full of Emerald spirits. (information in the page ‘bestiary’)

peine d'emmeraude secteur C

That’s all for now but for the update 0.3.3, I’ll probably add 2 areas to the Melancholic Cascade.

I hope you’ll enjoy paying this game like I enjoy developping it.

See you later for another update of another side.